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          2021-03-06 20:01:34  

          Luminox低泡沫中性清潔劑pH中性,用于非腐蝕性清潔,安全且廢物易于處理,用于清潔:鋁及軟金屬表面,鋁制醫療器械,堿敏感實驗室和玻璃器具類,感光性航空原料,制藥設備, 醫療設備,電子元件

          Luminox低泡沫中性清潔劑pH中性,用于非腐蝕性清潔,安全且廢物易于處理,用于清潔:鋁及軟金屬表面,鋁制醫療器械,堿敏感實驗室和玻璃器具類,感光性航空原料,制藥設備, 醫療設備,電子元件 









          用于清潔:鋁及軟金屬表面,鋁制醫療器械,堿敏感實驗室和玻璃器具類,感光性航空原料,制藥設備, 醫療設備,電子元件 

          用于去除: 油, 污垢,塵垢,粘合劑和未硫化環氧化物,微粒,殘渣 ,焊劑溶媒, 化學溶劑,切削油 

          表面清潔: 腐蝕抑制配方設計可用于玻璃, 含鐵金屬, 不含鐵金屬,鋁,銅,鋅和其它軟金屬,陶器, 塑料, 電路板和電子元件 

          清潔方法: 浸泡池,手工清洗,超聲波清洗槽,機械式清洗機,洗滌/消毒器,噴霧洗滌器 ,CIP洗滌系統 

          使用指導: 用于手工、浸泡和超聲波清洗時,配制3-5%溶液(4-6盎司/加侖或30-50ml/升)用溫水或熱水。建議戴上防護性手套和眼罩。噴霧洗滌時,將清潔劑加入熱水循環中,配成2%溶液(2 1/2盎司/加侖或20ml/升) 循環)。用于難洗的污跡, 可提高水溫和使用更多的洗滌劑。徹底沖洗—最好用流動水。重要的清潔、最終沖洗使用去離子水或純凈水。建議做腐蝕測試。 

          Luminox is a low foaming, neutral pH detergent for use in manual, ultrasonic, and machine cleaning. Safe-handling detergent used for non-corrosive cleaning without chelation or alkalinity waste treatment problems. Recommended for residue free cleaning of aluminum and soft metal, medical devices, pharmaceutical equipment, alkaline sensitive labware, and medical instruments in aluminum trays. Free rinsing, eliminating interfering residues. Dilute 3:100. pH 7

          Low foaming for use in mechanical and spray washers

          Neutral pH for non-corrosive cleaning, safe handling and easy waste disposal

          No chelation or alkalinity waste treatment problems

          Concentrated for economical use

          Free rinsing to eliminate interfering residues

          Biodegradable and phosphate free

          Used to clean: Aluminum and soft metal surfaces, medical instruments in aluminum trays, alkaline sensitive lab and glassware, sensitive aerospace materials, pharmaceutical process equipment, medical devices, electronic components. FDA certified.

          Used to remove: Oils, dirt, grime, adhesives and uncured epoxy, particulates, residues, fluxes, chemical solvents, machining oils.

          Surfaces cleaned: Corrosion inhibited formulation recommended for glass, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, zinc, and other soft metals, ceramic, plastic, circuit boards and electronic components.

          Cleaning method: Soak tanks, manual cleaning, ultrasonic tanks, mechanical washers, washer/sanitizers, spray washers, CIP systems.

          For manual, soak and ultrasonic use, make a 3-5% solution (4-6 oz per gal. or 30-50 ml per liter) in warm or hot water. Protective gloves and eyewear are recommended. For spray machines, add detergent at the hot water wash cycle to make a 2% solution (2 1/2 oz. per gal. or 20 ml per liter). For difficult soils raise water temperature and use more detergent. RINSE THOROUGHLY—preferably with running water. For critical cleaning do final or all rinsing in distilled, deionized or purified water. Corrosion testing may be advisable.

          Size                                  Catalog Number

          1 gal bottle (3.8 L)             1901-1

          Case of 4 x 1 gal (4 x 3.8 L) 1901

          5 gal jerrycan (19 L)         1905

          15 gal drum (57 L)                 1915

          55 gal drum (208 L)         1955