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          歡迎光臨上海昆邦化工有限公司,咨詢熱線: 139-1717-1467(微信同) 137-8899-0268(微信同)

          ROCOL SAPPHIRE 2羅哥藍寶石潤滑脂(rocol 12171)

          ROCOL SAPPHIRE 2羅哥藍寶石潤滑脂(rocol 12171)

          2021-03-24 19:15:07  

          ROCOL SAPPHIRE 2羅哥藍寶石潤滑脂(rocol 12171)具有革命性高效能、長壽命,并能達到最佳潤滑效果的軸承潤滑脂,適用所有類型的球型,滾動和滑動軸承。

          ROCOL SAPPHIRE 2羅哥藍寶石潤滑脂(rocol 12171)具有革命性高效能、長壽命,并能達到最佳潤滑效果的軸承潤滑脂,適用所有類型的球型,滾動和滑動軸承。



          · 3倍于傳統多用途軸承潤滑脂壽命

          · 卓越的承受負荷能力

          · 明顯延長潤滑周期

          · 革命性的多用途、多復合皂基潤滑脂

          · 優異的抗腐蝕功能

          · 工作溫度:-30 ℃至150℃

          SAPPHIRE 2

          Triple life multi-purpose bearing grease

          Excellent temperature resistance from -30°C to +160°C.

          Revolutionary multi-complex soap technology provides outstanding EP performance superior to conventional soap thickened lubricants.

          Highly resistant to oxidation providing greatly extended lubrication intervals – typically 3 times longer than conventional lubricants.

          Excellent corrosion resistance to protect in humid, damp and even wet conditions.

          Highly tenacious lubricants, with outstanding film strength, ensure the lubricants remain in place even in severe operating conditions.

          Maintain their integrity in extreme conditions and continue to protect over extended lubrication intervals, reducing equipment failure, downtime and lubricant usage.

          Blue in colour for high visibility in use.

          Size: 400g Part Number: 12171

          Size: 5kg Part Number: 12176

          Size: 18kg Part Number: 12175

          關鍵詞:ROCOL SAPPHIRE 2,羅哥藍寶石潤滑脂,rocol 12171,rocol 12175